Top 5 Tools Recruiters Use to Make their Lives Easier

To perform at a high standard in recruitment you need not just the gift of the gab. Recruitment tools are just as important. Any recruiter will use the right tools to give them the ability to succeed in their job and make their lives easier. Even though there is a wide array of tools out there, they all serve the same purpose: to assist the recruiter in finding and recruiting a candidate, pre-screen CVs, and track the steps of the applicants.

Social Media and Networking Tool

This isn’t a ground-breaking tool that recruiters now use. Nevertheless, its usage and importance are growing more within the recruiting community and it is becoming increasingly more popular for job seekers to use this platform to find a job.

Namely, LinkedIn is one of the main social media channels that has a whole focus and feature for recruitment. LinkedIn has the core ability to search for candidates and provides the opportunity to join valuable communities and groups to network.

ATS Tool

All Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are a digital solution to the applicant and recruitment management process. The tool is important for many recruiters because it aims to improve different hiring challenges. An ATS usually serves as a database holding all of the applicants’ profiles. Furthermore, it helps with interview scheduling, candidate screening, evaluation and team collaboration.

Multi-Poster, Job Distribution Tool 

Another tool that allows recruiters to save time is a job distribution tool. A multi-poster tool allows the recruiter to post and then manage job postings in one place. Whilst this is not the only feature this tool can offer, it is usually the main feature recruiters will use to help make their jobs easier.

WaveTrackR is a job distribution tool that is fairly new to the market. However, its key feature utilizes data to provide recruiters information about where they will gain the most job applications and which job site will most likely give them the most hires. This feature gives recruiters more control over their media contracts and makes their lives easier when it comes to choosing where to advertise their jobs and ultimately where to invest their budget.

Job Sites

Job advertising on job boards is a key attribute to getting your job seen by potential candidates. Even though job boards might be one of the more traditional and less innovative tools, they are vital to any recruitment strategy. Without the exposure that job sites give the job, recruiters wouldn’t be able to attract as many candidates as they do now.

Nowadays many job boards like CV Library, Total Jobs and Reed also advertise the same job on other job advertising platforms. This lets the job posting get even more exposure.

Email Analytic Tools

One thing that is essential for any business is to know that whatever you are doing is being done right. This is no different with recruitment companies. Analytic tools for recruiters help them understand the attraction and behaviour they receive from their jobs. For example, if the target audience is based in the UK but you have lots of visits coming from the USA, it presumably means that your objective somewhere is not quite right and you might be wasting your money on driving the wrong audience.

Having your own website with job listing is an additional opportunity to get more applicants. With Google Analytics tool, you can identify how many users were interested in a job, where they are from and how many of them actually complete the application form.

And, since we recruiters live and die by email, you can use tools such as PointFast to track email opens, link clicks, and the amount of time recipients spend viewing your files.  With PointFast, you’ll know which candidates the Hiring Manager finds most interesting and if the candidate actually visited the company’s website.


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