PointFast Launch Lets MS Outlook and Gmail Users Seize Their Emails

Hello world! PointFast is excited to officially launch today to help business professionals seize their email and gain insights on the emails, links and files that they send out.

Unlike the email tracking services of yester-year, PointFast is email tracking supercharged! With PointFast’s tracking services, you will know what happened to your email, the links in your email and the file attachments the moment you click the Send button. How? Well, first, PointFast notifies you when the email is opened just like other email tracking services. But PointFast does way more! It also tells you when, where and from which device links are clicked.

PointFast even informs you of when, where, how and even how long recipients have viewed your file attachments—down to the number of seconds spent on each page. The notifications are delivered right to your inbox so that you can quickly act on the alerts without having to comb through a dashboard.

Now, for those worried about security (and who isn’t nowadays), PointFast has advanced security features that let you prevent recipients from downloading a file, add a watermark, include a password, put an expiration date on a file, or instantly kill access to a file even after the email has been sent. With PointFast, you are in control of the files you send.

PointFast is super-easy to use and is integrated right into MS Outlook and Gmail. There’s no need to hop around different apps or copy/paste anything.

Go to and take a free test drive of PointFast today!

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