Email Tracking Problems

Email tracking has been around for several years now.  Through various email tracking software solutions, I can now find out if my emails have been opened.  I easily send 50 to 200 emails a day, so I cannot live without an email tracking tool.

Problems with Email Tracking

Logic would have it that if someone opened my email, it is to read it.  I mean, this is a safe assumption, right?  I was oh-so-happy to get the “email open” alerts from my email tracking software until one day, I made the mistake of assuming my email was actually read.  You see, I had sent a thoughtful email to a prospect about my company’s services and had gotten the email tracking alert saying it was opened.  Feeling all psyched, I followed-up with a phone call (and actually got him live!) to thank him for reading the email about our products and to see if he had any questions.  Imagine my embarrassment when he said that he had accidentally opened my email and hadn’t read it at all.

Email Tracking False Positives

Now, I know what you are thinking: who wants a service that can cause the above scenario?  Well, no one, of course!  But, don’t get me wrong, for all of its faults, email tracking has, for the most part, provided me more information on what was happening with my email than I ever had before.  And outside of some exceptions, an opened email usually does mean a read email.  Hey, nothing is perfect.  However, what I need is more. More actionable information to be exact.  It is great to know John opened my email at 8:45AM, but then what? What I need is email tracking on steroids….

Beyond Email Tracking

So, I started to ponder what do I really want to know when I send an email.  Well, I want to know that it was opened; that it was read and; hopefully other useful data that can help me determine the best next steps.  Then, it hit me!  As a sales and marketing professional, my initial emails tend to be short and sweet (because I am just like that😊); usually just an introduction about me and my company.  However, I do almost always attach a presentation that goes into further detail about our company and its products.  Given this, what I really want to find out is whether the recipient has read my presentation.  Why is this important?  As we sales folks know, if the person takes the time to read your presentation, chances are good that there is at least a little bit of interest in your product and you can act upon this nugget of information to get to the next step.  This is what I want an email tracking software to do!

File Tracking Benefits

Also, tracking file attachment fixes all of the “was it opened; was it read” ambiguities of email tracking.  How so?  For one, unlike email tracking software, the technology used in file tracking is not based on applying a pixel to an email, which the client can block.  You actually have to open the email, click on the file link in order to get to the presentation.  Yaay, no more guessing!!  But this is not even da bomb!  Get this: because the presentation is on a specific, trackable webpage in your browser, file tracking, unlike email tracking, can provide you details on how long the recipient spent on the whole presentation, per slide and even the location of where she viewed the presentation.   For example, if Betty spent 3 minutes and 25 seconds of the total 6 minutes looking at one of your custom solutions, it means you know this is an area you should focus on when you make that follow-up call.  And as we sales folks all know, the art of sales is helping people with their needs and now we finally have insight on what the recipient is interested in.

Better File Security

So, I want me some of that!  Who does this??  There is, in fact, a start-up that does exactly this and more.  And more you ask?  Yes, more!  The company is called PointFast.  It tracks all kinds of attachments—PDFs, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, MS Excel, text files, JPEGs and many more sent from MS Outlook or any other email service provider – just exactly as I described above.  Now, here’s the more: you are in control of the files you send.  You can select options that prevent recipients from downloading or printing your files; password protection; watermarks and setting expiration dates so no one can access the fie after that date.  Furthermore, you can update contents to a file even after the email has been sent or even kill it if you are concerned that the file got into the wrong hands.  Isn’t this the greatest?  Have you seen an email tracking software that provides accurate, reliable and usable data with this level of detail?  I have not!  Legal eagles must be dancing on their tables with glee from the security, protection and control over the attachments.  It is beyond anything I have seen, not just email tracking software.

Fit for Mobile

PointFast also works extremely fast on mobile.  In fact, it is 3x faster because the recipient doesn’t need to download the whole file, which saves time and data bandwidth.  Since lots of professionals, particularly those in sales, travel and often work from mobile devices, this is such a great feature to have.

Email Tracking + File Tracking

Now, this is what I call the perfect email and file tracking service for any professional who wants to get useful, actionable data wrapped in a sweet set of features.  This can totally help me get that top sales person trip to Bora Bora.  Ah…me sitting on the beach with an umbrella drink in hand… I can already see it.   Want to join me?  Check out PointFast and take advantage of their free trial.

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