Top 6 Reasons to Use Email Marketing Analytics

Companies of all sizes, industries and geographies have adopted email marketing as a way to help engage and update their subscribers—with the end goal of increasing sales and customer loyalty.

While MailChimp, Constant Contact and AWeber are deemed to be the leading Email Service Providers (ESPs), there are many long-tail … Read more


PointFast Launches Free Beta for Email Marketing Analytics Platform

May 23, 2018 — Silicon Valley, CA.  PointFast now offers advanced engagement analytics to help marketers get more insights from their email campaigns.  Best yet, the email marketing platform is available for free until July 4, 2018, Independence Day.

With PointFast, marketers now have a deeper understanding of exactly who … Read more


5 Ways Marketing Data Can Help Sales Teams

Today, we have data, data everywhere. CRM data. Web analytics data. Network SLA data. Email marketing data. Financial data. Sales forecast data.

In our never-ending pursuit to increase B2B sales, we see a common struggle between sales and marketing departments, where the sales team puts tremendous pressure on marketing to … Read more


Email Tracking Problems

Email tracking has been around for several years now.  Through various email tracking software solutions, I can now find out if my emails have been opened.  I easily send 50 to 200 emails a day, so I cannot live without an email tracking tool.

Problems with Email Tracking

Logic would … Read more


PointFast Launch Lets MS Outlook and Gmail Users Seize Their Emails

Hello world! PointFast is excited to officially launch today to help business professionals seize their email and gain insights on the emails, links and files that they send out.

Unlike the email tracking services of yester-year, PointFast is email tracking supercharged! With PointFast’s tracking services, you will know what happened … Read more


Our PointFast Vision

We are almost about to launch PointFast! So excited! Our goal here at PointFast is to help business professionals work smarter, run faster and reach higher.

Work Smarter – Doing things the old-fashioned way doesn’t work anymore. You need a new approach to your work, one that’s fueled with data, … Read more